Elemental well-being at the core of our fiber 

Lumiton® is a patented technology embedded in synthetic yarns that harnesses the sun's energy and generates red and near-infrared light - elevating apparel to offer wellness.     

A Brilliant Transformation.

Lumiton® instantly transforms ordinary clothing into a dynamic wearable that offers healthy light, organic cooling, and smarter UV management. It is simply a better way to live under the sun.   

See Lumiton® at Work

Light-Energized Wellness

Health science shows body cells thrive when exposed to red and near-infrared light. Scientifically established wellness benefits are extensive. A few are listed below. Light truly is life.  Lumiton allows you to enjoy more of it. 

More Cellular Energy

Collagen Production

Blood Circulation

Lymph System Activity

Reduced Inflammation

Tissue Oxygenation

Tissue Repair

Muscle Growth

Increased Endurance

Increased Hydration

Anti-Oxidant Activation

Sun Damage Repair

Immune System Health

Fat Reduction 

Joint Pain Reduction 

Muscle Recovery 

Light-Enabled Cooling

Lumiton apparel is almost always cooler under the sun than ordinary garments.  The reason is Lumiton's light conversion reduces the solar energy available to heat the fabric.  Many people report they sweat less, enjoy sunny activities longer, and fight the sun less when training and competing.

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Light-Smart UV Protection

Lumiton apparel offers max UV protection. The reason is Lumiton also converts UV energy into healthy light, limiting the UV that reaches the skin. Many people find they are now able to wear cool, full-coverage Lumiton instead of constantly applying sunscreen.   

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What People Report


The scientific community has shown the benefits of light on the human body, and Lumiton’s® innovation brings this light to everyone, everywhere through an item as universal as clothing

Dr. Faramarz Farahi
Scientific Adviser to Lumiton 

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A new approach

A full life is a healthy life. We can Eat Healthy and Act Healthy by diet and exercise. And now we can Wear Healthy® with Lumiton.

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