Elemental well-being at the core of our fiber 

Lumiton® is a patented technology embedded in synthetic yarns, transforming textiles into a light delivery system that transmits healthy red and near-infrared light to the body 

Lumiton® light delivery system 

Products made with Lumiton® convert and deliver light energy to the body, providing access to wellness benefits, cooling comfort and UV protection


Applying Lumiton® technology

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Delivering healthy red & near-infrared light 

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Lumiton® generates healthy red and near-infrared light, the light proven to impact the body at the cellular level and produce wellness and performance benefits

Lumiton® fabric in action

See Lumiton® fabric transform various light wavelengths into healthy red and near-infrared light

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Cooling comfort

Fabrics made with Lumiton® absorb and repurpose sunlight, which has a cooling effect on the body

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UV protection

Our fabrics recycle harmful UVA & UVB into healthy light, creating a natural UPF 50+ barrier 

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Cellular Energy (ATP)

Collagen Production

Blood Circulation

Lymph System Activity

Reduce Inflammation

Tissue Oxygenation

Tissue Repair

Muscle Growth

Increased Endurance

Increased Hydration

Anti-Oxidant Activation

Sun Damage Repair

Boost Immune System 

Fat Reduction 

Joint Pain Reduction 

Muscle Recovery Acceleration 

The scientific community has shown the benefits of light on the human body, and Lumiton’s® innovation brings this light to everyone, everywhere through an item as universal as clothing

Dr. Faramarz Farahi
WWD – October 2018 

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A new approach

As lifestyles change, so do the needs of the products we wear. We are able to Eat Healthy and Act Healthy - Lumiton® now enables us to Wear Healthy®

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