Lumiton Keeps It Cool In St Barth's

Guest Blog: By Adrian (St Barth's)

As a lifelong skin watcher I wear sun shirts religiously due to dermatologists recommendations. Over the years I have worn lots of sun shirts and have been surprised by the lack of innovation & choice (size, colors) in the market. I was excited to be introduced to Lumiton products and the apparent benefits of blocked UV, healthy light and shade-like coolness.

This past Christmas, I vacationed on the island of St. Barth's for 2 weeks. Temperatures were typically 80F+. As usual, I packed my normal handful of short & long sleeve sun shirts - comprised of 3 brands in many different colors (It is St. Barth's!). And this year a 4th choice made the Lumia Red SunShift from Lumiton.

I typically spend approximately 6 hours a day in the sun, always wearing a sun shirt. My Lumiton shirt quickly became my favorite. Aside from UV protection, I never got burned, and its cooling experience was remarkably different from any sun shirt I had ever worn

I will be back in St. Barth's for Spring break but this time with a handful of Lumiton sun shirts……"