The story

As a competitive triathlete living in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Marco Scipioni found there was no activewear technology that offered all the benefits he was looking for. Drawing on his expertise in light science, he teamed up with Gates Hinds and Dr. Faramarz Farahi to create a light-based technology that would fundamentally transform the activewear market


Lumiton is a technology company that has transformed apparel into a wellness and performance "wearable" . . .
powered effortlessly by sunlight

Gates Hinds

Licensed attorney with an appreciation for entrepreneurship. Gates saw a rare opportunity in Lumiton to combine textiles and light technology to transform daily items, such as apparel. He has spearheaded Lumiton from concept to product.

Dr. Marco Scipioni

Holds a Masters in Physics and a PhD in Optical Science and Engineering. Served as a paratrooper in the Italian Army and, as an avid triathlete competitor, Marco realized there was an opportunity to improve the technical performance of active wear. He combined the study of light with his passion for performance to create Lumiton 

Dr. Faramarz Farahi
Scientific Advisor 

Professor of Physics and Optics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. With over 30 years of experience, multiple publications and patents, Dr. Farahi is uniquely qualified to advise Lumiton in its mission to transform textiles into a light delivery system by adapting laser technology