Light-Energized Apparel

Light-Energized Apparel

We've invented clothing that transforms sunlight into red and near-infrared light.
The reason is elemental: body cells thrive on light energy.

The energy in sunlight is critical for overall health and wellness, but in modern life we block the sun at every turn.  No longer.  Introducing Lumiton - patented laser science infused into apparel. The fabric transforms the sun's energy into healthy natural light for the body. 

Now, on a daily basis enjoy what's been missing - a light-fueled health, performance and comfort advantage.

healthy light


Lumiton uses sunlight to create healthy red and near-infrared light for healthier skin, joints, and muscles.



Red and near-infrared light also has been shown to increase endurance and muscle recovery.

Smart UV


A byproduct of Lumiton's light transformation is UPF 50+ UV protection. The reason is the fabric recycles harmful UVA and UVB into healthy red and near-infrared light, so the majority of UV never reaches the skin.

Shade Effect


Another byproduct of Lumiton's light transformation is the fabric doesn't heat up as much, creating a cooling experience. It's as if you popped open a thousand tiny beach umbrellas.

Red and near-infrared light is proven to increase collagen and skin hydration, reduce inflammation, and reduce joint and muscle pain, among other benefits.