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There Is A Good Reason You Feel Better
When You Step Into Sunlight


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History of
Light & Life

4.6 Billion Years Ago

The Formation of Earth

The Sun helped shape the Earth’s very existence. The young Sun underwent massive nuclear explosions, sending into space gasses, debris and dust, which contributed to the materials that formed the Earth.

History of
Light & Life

3.6-1.8 Billion Years Ago

The Spread of Bacteria

Bacteria was the first life on Earth and spread everywhere once oxygen became abundant in the Earth's atmosphere around 1.8 Billion years ago.

Some bacteria contained efficient systems able to capture sunlight and convert it into energy used for growth and survival.

History of
Light & Life

1.65 Billion Years Ago

Multi-Cell Organisms

In time, some bacteria took up residence in cellular matter. That's when things got interesting. There, on the inside, protected and fueled by the sun's energy, the symbiotic relationship among bacteria and the host cell gave rise to something far more spectacular - complex multi-cell organisms.

These original inner-cell bacteria evolved into what are today know as Mitochondria, the "power plant" of the cell responsible for the generation of cellular energy.

History of
Light & Life

65-4 Million Years Ago

The Age of Mammals

Fossils tell us tiny warm-blooded mammals miraculously survived the Mass Extinction of dinosaurs. As Earth’s land masses separated and distinct climate zones emerged, these mammals began to evolve quite differently from place to place.

In Africa, this evolution resulted in the first hominids to walk upright.

History of
Light & Life

1.9 Million Years Ago

Hominids and the Body

As human ancestors came to live in increasingly diverse climates, their bodies evolved to optimize the available sun energy.

In climates with abundant sunlight, skin pigment darkened and bodies became long and lean. In climates with minimal sunlight, skin pigment lightened and bodies became short and wide.

History of
Light & Life

15,000 Years Ago

Cavemen Paint the Story

They say art imitates life. This was certainly true during the Paleolithic era.

The first paintings by humans, found in the Caves of Altamira in Northern Spain, primarily depict subjects critical to survival - namely, animals like bison.

One of the other main muses...the Sun.

History of
Light & Life

6000 BC - 500 AD

Sun As Healer

Egyptian, Persian, Indian, Chinese, and native American cultures turned to the Sun to cure ailments and promote good health. They also began to worship Sun gods and goddesses.

Ultimately, the Greeks built Solaria for sunbathing and invented the term “heliotherapy” to describe the practice of using sunlight to heal and cure.

History of
Light & Life

500 AD - 1500 AD

The Middle Ages

During the middle ages the Sun experienced a bit of a public relations problem.

Rather than celebrate the Sun, churches and governments associated deep trust in the healing power of the Sun with Paganism. The authorities persecuted heliotherapy. Solaria, sunbathing and the recognition that sunlight had the power to heal all but vanished.

History of
Light & Life

1760 - 1840

Industrial Revolution

During the Industrial Revolution people crammed into smoggy cities and pitch-black underground mines. For the first time industry disrupted man's healthy relationship with nature, including the Sun.

However, during this time scientists began to connect the dots between good health and light. For example, scientists discovered a lack of sunlight caused an alarming increase in skeletal deformities and stunted growth in inner-city children.

History of
Light & Life

Early 20th Century

The Nobel Prize of 1903:
Treating Disease with Light

In 1903, the Danish physician Niel Finsen won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his pioneering work on the health impact of light on body tissue.

Specifically, Finsen discovered that visible light could be used to treat small-pox, lupus, tuberculosis and other skin diseases.

History of
Light & Life

Mid 20th Century to Present

Lasers & LEDs Shed Light on the Science

Since the early 1960's, laser and LED technologies have enabled scientists to study the precise impact of light on the body. Clinical study after clinical study establish:

Light waves - especially red and near-infrared wavelengths - penetrate the body and drive healthy cellular function.

Because each cell has a unique job, health benefits are wide-ranging and include increased energy (ATP), reduced fatigue, rejuvenated skin (collagen), reduced inflammation, reduced joint pain, enhanced muscle growth, faster recovery, improved hydration, and reduced fat.

History of
Light & Life

Present Day

"Low Level Light Therapy" Devices Gain FDA Approval

Due to the overwhelming scientific and clinical evidence that light energy fuels health, companies (new and old) began to invest in Laser/LED medical devices. Today, there are numerous Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) devices approved by the FDA. Most are sold to medical offices, however an increasing number target the home user.

Medical organizations increasingly recommend Low Level Light Therapy. Notably, LLLT is recommended by The American Physical Therapy Association and The American College of Physicians (for low back pain).

History of
Light & Life

The Technology Challenge

Bringing Healthy Light Into The Daily Routine

Science has proven what our ancestors instinctively knew - our bodies use light for health and performance. But in modern life we block the sun at every turn - we live indoors, wear clothing, and guard against UV.

This disconnect is arguably a matter of public health. But what can we do? A technology solution?

The best technology evolves to become an integral part of the daily routine. Lasers and LEDs aren't there yet.

We need a technology breakthrough.

The Breakthrough Is Here

Light-Energized Apparel

A team of scientists have taken a new approach and infused laser technology into fabric.

The result is a new class of apparel powered by sunlight to deliver healthy red and near-infrared light to the body. Literally, the clothing itself becomes the health and wellness "wearable."

For the first time, people have a new choice...a healthy choice...when getting dressed.

LUMITON is the apparel brand established to bring this technology to everyone.