The Lite Version
The Lite Version
The Lite Version
The Lite Version
The Lite Version

The Lite Version


A lighter weight version of the original. Great for quick masking and intense workouts where you are socially distanced but still need a mask. Like its namesake, Lumiton's patented yarns deliver rejuvenating light energy to the face. Machine washable. 100% made in USA. A mask rotation must.

The Lite Version
The Lite Version
The Lite Version
The Lite Version
The Lite Version
The Lite Version
The Lite Version
The Lite Version
The Lite Version
The Lite Version

Size Chart

YOUTH XS - @ 4.75" high (ages 3-6)

YOUTH SMALL - @ 5" high (ages 7-11)

MEDIUM - @ 5 3/4" high (age 12+ and adults with smaller faces)

LARGE - @ 6 1/4" high (adults with larger faces)

A Wear Healthy® movement through the power of light


A complete package
of wellness

Our masks not only help you look good, they utilize our patented technology to generate healthy red and near-infrared light for your face

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Cooling comfort

Fabrics made with Lumiton® recycle the sun's energy, resulting in a cooler environment for the body under sun

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Organic UV protection

Our fabrics also recycle harmful UVA & UVB into healthy light, creating a natural UPF 50+ barrier 

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Cellular Energy (ATP)

Collagen Production

Blood Circulation

Lymph System Activity

Reduce Inflammation

Tissue Oxygenation

Tissue Repair

Muscle Growth

Increased Endurance

Increased Hydration

Anti-Oxidant Activation

Sun Damage Repair

Boost Immune System 

Fat Reduction 

Joint Pain Reduction 

Muscle Recovery Acceleration 

The Lumiton® Masquerade

Why people love Lumiton®

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It protects my skin and can literally reverse some of the effects from harmful UV over the years. I feel great in Lumiton®!

Alice Purser
2:50 Marathon Runner 

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I can wear Lumiton® long sleeve shirts all day in the hot sun and still feel as if I am wearing a tank top.

Kayla Duncan
Professional Tennis Instructor 

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I had a noticeable increased tolerance to the heat and humidity while exercising in the direct sunlight.

Sheri Williams
Former Professional Athlete 

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In the later miles when the sun is higher, I feel cooler and not slowed down by the sun heating up the course (and me).

Ken Herrington
Marathoner & Triathlete 

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Lumiton® products

Connect with a wide range of performance, protection, cooling comfort and wellness benefits


All sales on Lumiton Face masks are considered final sale and not available for return.

C.D.C. guidelines state cloth face coverings should not be placed on children younger than 2 years of age.

Lumiton masks are not a medical device and are not intended to protect the wearer, but may prevent the spread of virus from the wearer to the others.