Fat Reduction

Light Energy & Fat Reduction

Fat Reduction

Losing excess fat is good for you. Less well-known is that natural red and near-infrared light can help the body shed excess fat, which is the reason many reputable weight loss clinics now offer high-intensity red light treatments. [1-3].

How Red and NIR Light Helps Reduce Fat

Balance is everything when it comes to fat.  Fat is essential for the body, but too much is unhealthy. For this reason, adipocytes (aka "fat cells") have mechanisms to release stored fat that is no longer needed.  Neira et al. showed that one of these release mechanisms occurs when a fat cell is exposed to red light [4]. Specifically, their study showed red light causes a transitory pore in the fat cell membrane to open, which permits fat to flow out of the cell where it can be disposed of by the body.  In another study, scientists have shown red and near-infrared light can induce adipocyte apoptosis (i.e., fat cell death) and the release of lipids, both of which assist fat loss [5]. Lastly, red and near-infrared light have been shown to reduce cellulite [6], which also enhances fat loss.

Fat Cells


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