The Health & Performance Window

Health Benefits of Light

Light Energy Drives Cellular Health

The Health & Performance Window

Thousands of clinical studies establish a significant portion of the sun's energy drives healthy cellular function - especially deep-penetrating red and near-infrared light (the Health & Performance Window). [1-5].

Scientists have proven what our ancestors instinctively knew - our bodies need light for better health and performance. But in modern life we block the sun constantly - we live indoors, wear clothing, and guard against UV. This disconnect is arguably a matter of public health.

Lumiton technology is an important evolution in the science. Empowering clothing to use sunlight to generate red and near-infrared light for the body brings the science to where it is needed most - daily life.

Because each cell has a unique job, health benefits of light are wide-ranging and include increased energy (ATP), reduced fatigue, rejuvenated skin (collagen), reduced inflammation, reduced joint pain, enhanced muscle growth, faster recovery, improved hydration, and reduced fat.

Very little escapes light's positive reach.


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